Water and Wastewater Treatment Consulting Services

G6SN7 Business Feasibility Study

Service Code:  G6SN7

Description: Business Feasibility Study and Marketing Plan as First Step

(by Chemical Engineer, Water Treatment Specialist, Financial and Marketing Analysts)

Service Code:  G6SN8

Description: Engineer’s Report, Plans and Specifications

(Peer Review by Chemical Engineer, prepared, signed and sealed by Registered Sanitary Engineer)

G6SN9 Water Safety Plan

Service Code:  G6SN9

Description: Water Safety Plan

(Joint Effort by Chemical Engineer, Water Treatment Specialist and Sanitary Engineer)

Service Code:  G6SN10

Description: Geotechnical (Soil Analysis) Study Report

(prepared, signed and sealed by a Hydrogeologist or Engineer)

G6SN11Ground Water Availability Study

Service Code:  G6SN11

Description: Groundwater Desktop Study Report

(prepared, signed and sealed by a Hydrogeologist or Engineer)

Service Code:  G6SN12

Description: Deepwell – Well Pumping Test, Construction and Pump Installation

(by NWRB Registered Driller), supervised by Hydrogeologist

G6SN13 WRS Building Design, Plans and Specs_

Service Code:  G6SN13

Description: WRS Building Design, Plans, Specifications

(by Architect/Civil Engineer), Layout Review by Water Treatment Specialist

Service Code:  G6SN14

Description: WRS Building Construction

(by Architect/Civil Engineer), with Business Partners, WRS Equipment Proposed Layout Review by Chemical Engineer

G6SN15 WastewaterSTP Concept, Design, Build Projects

Service Code:  G6SN15

Description: Wastewater Treatment/Sewage Treatment (STP)- Concept Study, Design and Build

with Business Partners (Chemical/Civil/Sanitary Engineers)

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